Not by Sight by Kathy Herman


A while back I signed up to win a book on Imagine my surprise when I go to my mailbox one day only to find an envelope containing a book and a letter. I had won the book! (I never win anything so I was super happy!) The book I had won was Not by Sight by author Kathy Herman. Let me tell you, I could not put this book down!! In two days it was finished. It’s the first book in the Ozark Mountain Trilogy, and I cannot wait until the second book comes out!

In Not by Sight we meet the Cummings family. There is Kate, the mom, who has lost faith in God after the disappearance of both her husband and one of her children. Abby is a teenager who is mourning the loss as well. However, she does not give up hope that they are dead. She has a strong faith. There are also Hawk, Jesse, and Buck, Kate’s father. Then there is Jay, Abby’s best friend.

Abby has seen who she thought was her missing little sister, Riley Jo, with a scraggly-looking man at a store in town. The girl has a striking resemblance, so Abby captures a photo of her on her cell phone. She mentions the girl to her family, but no one believes her. Especially since Abby has done this same thing twice before. But she has to know for sure this time.

Abby starts to question people in town about the child, but soon walks herself into trouble. She gets two calls on her cell phone demanding she keep her business to herself. Things take an even crazier turn when Jay has a huge secret for her. But Abby just cannot let things go.

I don’t want to give away too much because I really want you to read this book. It is an amazing story of twists and turns. The author does a great job of adding suspense. It was not until the end of the book that I realized I was holding my breath! Many times I felt as if I were right alongside the characters in the story. At times I wanted to yell at the mom to just listen to her daughter!

I would recommend this book to anyone who loves a great suspense novel. I am counting the days until book #2!