Psalm 23 – Day 2

Psalm 23:2 – Day 2

Verse 2


“He makes me lie down in green pastures,

He makes me lie down. God does not suggest that I lie down. He makes me. The Lord knows that we need to rest. Sometimes we get so into whatever it is that we are doing that we believe we can simply keep going. But the Lord knows better for us, therefore making us rest. And that’s okay. We need to rest! Rest is nourishment for our bodies. We all need to take time to rest in the Lord. Resting in God is very important because the best part of our life comes after rest. Even if we refuse to rest, the Lord will make us.

He leads me beside quiet waters.”

The words ‘quiet waters’ put together brings such a peaceful feeling to me. To me, this verse represents the peace and harmony coming from resting in the Lord. God knows that we need to rest and we cannot do so standing beside a raging river. Therefore He makes us rest beside quiet waters.


I have had many storms blow through my life just over the past month. Some of you know the story about my son. I am in my resting period now. The Lord made me rest and I know that soon He will lead me beside quiet waters. I have faith that my peace will come and my anxiety and depression will be swept away under the current downstream.


Dear Lord,

Thank you for making me rest. Sometimes I feel like I can keep going and I think I can do it all on my own. But I know that I need You and You understand my need for rest. You know when it is time for me to rest. Thank you for the peace you bring into my life after the storm has passed. Lord, I pray that I can continue to walk beside quiet water with You.

In Jesus’s name I pray,



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